The Making of Earthworm Jim

Your Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow comic is lonely and needs a companion...

The Official Book about How Earthworm Jim was made

The Making of Earthworm Jim

The "Making Of The Earthworm Jim Book" is a perfect companion to the comic book. It will also be a 96 page, hardbound, 9" x 12" BEAST! It has a comprehensive back-story on all of the main characters and villains. I think it's tacky to have too much expository dialogue on everyone's past, so it's better to unfurl that in this book. I give you the why behind the entire Earthworm Jim universe... and yes, I'm building a universe!

I recently had a reunion with the whole Earthworm Jim game team and I gotta interview everyone. We talked about how Earthworm Jim came to be and I will document that many close calls and freak accidents that had to fall into place for it to happen. There will be team bios, and a catch up on what everyone has been doing over the last 25 years since we got together.

The Shiny Team section of the book has portraits of the talented artists, programmers and musician and the photos were even taken by David Perry the Earthworm Jim programmer!

The original Earthworm Jim Team

I'll show every step of the comic book's production, from raw ideas on the white board to printing every notecard I used in breaking down the story. You'll see the raw pencilled pages, inked pages with washes applied and I even scan my script pages that are covered in pencil re-writes!

Who remembers this cartridge and packaging art by Mike Koelsch...?

Earthworm Jim Sega Genesis

I've asked Mike Koelsch to paint a new "90s-style EWJ cover" for the Making Of book! Koelsch will give a step-by-step story on how he illustrated EWJ including a sneak peek into his studio madness. (Check out Koelsch's website here: He has also allowed me to make prints of the cover and the original is available on our highest backer tier. I'll put it in a beautiful frame with matting so it's ready to hang in your home! Here's Mike giving step by step progress on the cover:

Mike Koelsch Earthworm Jim cover progress

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