Earthworm Jim The Comic Book

Fight The Fish

The second chapter of the Earthworm Jim comic book series!
Earthworm Jim and friends fight Bob the Goldfish all the way down the tubes!

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The epic comic book story of Earthworm Jim by the creator of Earthworm Jim!

Earthworm Jim and Princess What's Her Name My name is Doug TenNapel and I created Earthworm Jim 26 years ago. Though "EWJ" appeared in award winning video games, an animated series and a toy line, his epic story has yet to be told! We all know the character, but none of us know the story. This deficit in the universe ends NOW!

For the first time in 27 years I am crafting an epic graphic novel worthy of the true fans of Earthworm Jim in a multi-book set! Let's launch the cow!

Earthworm Jim The Comic Book - Queen Slug for a Butt
Earthworm Jim The Comic Book - Taurus
Earthworm Jim super suit falling to Earth
Earthworm Jim inside the super suit
Earthworm Jim Launch The Cow cover by Doug TenNapel
The Making of Earthworm Jim cover art by Michael Koelsch